About Trillion

What is Trillion?

Infrastructure sustainability and equality is a huge ongoing challenge for the world, whether it is energy, housing or civilian infrastructure. It has a huge impact on the environment and on people in urban and rural communities at all levels.  

Trillion is an impact investment initiative from Fundsurfer, a UK based funding and investment company, who is committed and actively working on sourcing financing for sustainable and resilient infrastructure in the areas of the world most in need.  

Our funding solutions for renewable energy developers are focused on Solar, Wind, Hydro and Tidal projects, with a focus on generating true impact data including the mapping against the UN SDGs. Our investors can support funding at all stages of development and construction.  

We are also able to bring investors forward for Housing, Infrastructure and Community Development projects and initiatives.  

Our vision for Trillion is to support a more sustainable world through helping to deploy infrastructure investment from private and institutional investors into projects that can transform the world. We enable impactful sustainable development in areas such as renewable energy, community development, smart cities and civilian infrastructure.

Our work positively promotes true impact in employment, education, equality and environment within communities and countries that are most in need and vulnerable to the changing environment while making sure we deliver returns to our investor networks in a risk positive way.  

We record the impact and map against the UN SDGs to  create up to date impact reports such as direct and indirect employment rates, education improvements and equality data. This approach ensures our investors know the true impact of their investment in the real world.

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